Build The Legend of Zelda Clone in Unity3D and Blender

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  • Let's Make Some Games
    Download Blender and Unity3D
  • T01. Introduction to Unity
    1.1 Introduction3:13
    1.2 Unity Editor13:20
    1.3 Moving a Cube12:03
    1.4 Materials8:54
    1.5 Lights6:15
    1.6 Particle System6:20
    1.7 Applying Physics4:58
    1.8 Asset Store3:11
  • T02. Introduction to Coding
    2.1 Introduction2:08
    2.2 Variables16:59
    2.3 Methods16:19
    2.4 If Blocks7:40
    2.5 Loops12:45
  • T03. Introduction to Inputs
    3.1 Introduction1:58
    3.2 Key Presses13:35
    3.3 Moving a Player11:03
    3.4 Jumping10:58
    3.5 Moving Forward7:18
    3.6 Cycling Cameras14:07
  • T04. Introduction to Prefabs
    4.1 Introduction1:49
    4.2 Introduction to Prefabs16:51
    4.3 Random Angles9:15
    4.4 Explosion Effect13:12
    4.5 Adding explosion effects10:07
  • 01G. Player Movement
    g1.1 Creating a Project2:23
    g1.2 Designing the Player11:33
    g1.3 Moving the Player10:22
    g1.4 Key Input4:59
    g1.5 Activating Physics7:03
    g1.6 Jumping5:23
    g1.7 Double Jump Block8:22
    g1.8 Velocity6:11
    g1.9 Velocity Optimizations4:09
    g1.10 Looking Around10:18
  • 02G. Weapons
    g2.1 Designing a Sword7:23
    g2.2 Swinging the Sword8:11
    g2.3 Moving the Sword Back7:56
    g2.4 Retreating the Sword5:34
    g2.5 Designing a bomb3:09
    g2.6 Bomb Script2:49
    g2.7 Exploding the bomb10:24
    g2.8 Throwing Bombs12:09
    g2.9 Bow14:08
    g2.10 Swapping Weapons1:38
  • 03G. Enemies
    g3.1 Simple Enemies17:03
    g3.2 Strong Enemy6:40
    g3.3 Hit Area1:58
    g3.4 Patrolling Logic9:47
    g3.5 Shooting Enemy8:24
    g3.6 Enemy Bullet6:44
    g3.7 Damaging the Player12:45
  • 04G. Camera and User Interface
    g4.1 Camera8:36
    g4.2 Game Interface21:31
    g4.3 Health Bar8:17
    g4.4 Main Menu9:49
  • 05G. Terrains
    g5.1 Terrain Basics10:48
    g5.2 Painting the Terrain11:59
    g5.3 Trees and Grass10:55
    g5.4 Water6:24
    g5.5 Flares and Camera Effects8:15
  • 06G. Level Design
    g6.1 Level Terrain12:36
    g6.2 Dungeon Entrance9:11
    g6.3 Teleporting12:57
    g6.4 Dungeon11:30
    g6.5 Adding Shooting Enemies to the Dungeon8:35
    g6.6 Adding Remaining Enemies2:42
    g6.7 Remaining Enemies3:07
  • Introduction to Blender
    Introduction to Blender24:39
  • 07K. Character Art
    1.1 Headset Ref3:32
    1.2 Head Basic Shaping10:18
    1.3 Head Medium Shaping17:06
    1.4 Head Lips Shaping13:38
    1.5 Head Shape Fixing12:14
    1.6 Body Set Ref2:03
    1.7 Body Basic Blocking10:06
    1.8 Body Base Detailing25:40
    1.9 Body Torso Detailing15:09
    1.10 Body Hand Detailing18:30
    1.11 Body Head Attaching25:01
    1.12 Edge Flow Fixing10:27
    1.13 Body UV Unwrapping23:47
    1.14 Body Base Painting7:16
    1.15 Body Painting Base Cleaning Up23:41
    1.16 Body Painting Coloring23:52
    1.17 Body Painting Detailing Eyes6:15
    1.18 Body Painting Face13:56
    1.19 Body Painting Full-Body Detailing31:29
    1.20 Helmet Modeling17:51
    1.21 Helmet Unwrapping and Texturing17:18
    1.22 Rigging 0111:13
    1.23 Rigging 026:24
    1.24 Rigging End Fix6:56
    1.25 Weight Painting and Exporting5:12
    1.26 Importing to Unity9:04
  • 08K. Weapons Art
    2.1 Super Basic Prop Modeling10:09
    2.2 Sword Basic Prop Modeling17:12
    2.3 Bomb Basic Prop Modeling6:14
    2.4 Shield Basic Prop Modeling10:15
    2.5 Bow Basic Prop Modeling14:01
    2.6 Arrow Basic Prop Modeling11:57
    2.7 Arrow Quiver Basic Modeling7:34
    2.8 Unity Weapon Toon Shading7:34
  • 09K. Basic Enemy Art
    3.1 Basic Enemy Head5:35
    3.2 Basic Enemy Body22:31
    3.3 Basic Enemy Body Fixing11:56
    3.4 Basic Enemy Body Rigging12:08
    3.5 Basic Enemy UV Unwrapping11:46
    3.6 Basic Enemy Texture Painting25:38
    3.7 Basic Enemy Unity Importing4:46
  • 10K. Strong Enemy Art
    4.1 Strong Enemy Basic Modeling28:50
    4.2 Strong Enemy Model Detailing13:54
    4.3 Strong Enemy Basic Coloring16:07
    4.4 Strong Enemy Rigging18:42
    4.5 Strong Enemy Weight Painting10:06
    4.6 Strong Enemy Toon Shading10:06
  • 11K. Swivel Cannon Art
    5.1 Swivel Cannon Modeling18:36
    5.2 Swivel Cannon Unity3:56
  • 12K. Dungeon Art
    6.1 Modular Dungeon 14:56
    6.2 Modular Dungeon 27:27
    6.3 Modular Dungeon 315:25
    6.4 Modular Walls Unwrapping 18:26
    6.5 Modular Walls Unwrapping 210:43
    6.6 Modular Walls Exporting UV's3:25
    6.7 Dungeon Texturing 1 Floors3:25
    6.8 Dungeon Texturing 2 Single Wall5:39
    6.9 Dungeon Texturing 3 Angled Walls5:14
    6.10 Dungeon Textures Wall Fixing8:00
    6.11 Corner Wall Texture Quick Fixing3:08
    6.12 Dungeon Ceiling 13:56
    6.13 Dungeon Ceiling 23:56
    6.14 Dungeon in Unity13:58
  • 13K. Spawn Temple Art
    7.1 Modeling Spawn Temple Basic11:18
    7.2 Spawn Temple UV Unwrapping9:47
    7.3 Spawn Texturing6:00
  • 14K. Dungeon Entrance Temple Art
    8.1 Modeling Temple Entrance Basics16:40
    8.2 Temple Entrance Detailing4:35
    8.3 Temple UV Unwrapping 123:27
    8.4 Temple Mountain UV Unwrapping23:27
    8.5 Temple Entrance Texturing13:02
    8.6 Unity Dungeon Entrance Temple13:02
  • 15G. Humanoid Models
    g7.1 Integrating Cannons13:32
    g7.2 Humanoid and Animators9:02
    g7.3 Player Animations8:15
    g7.4 Player Walking5:08
    g7.5 Enemy Humanoids9:28
    g7.6 Patrolling Rotation3:24
  • 16G. Beat the Dungeon
    g8.1 Bomb Art8:05
    g8.2 Sword and Bow7:29
    g8.3 Attaching Weapons15:06
    g9.1 Sword Adjustment5:31
    g9.2 Dungeon Enemies12:55
    g9.3 Dungeon UI23:56
    g9.4 Designing a Treasure6:06
    g9.5 Collecting the Treasure10:56
    g9.6 Clearing Dungeons5:13
  • 17G. Effects and AI
    g10.1 Effect Manager16:29
    g10.2 Navigation8:17
    g10.3 Agents10:30
    g10.4 Agent Animation8:40
    g10.5 Enemy Chasing 111:02
    g10.6 Enemy Chasing 22:08
    g10.7 Challenge Time6:56
    g10.8 New Player Orientation5:12
    g10.9 Camera Rotation4:40
    g10.10 Smooth Camera Rotation4:04
  • Zenda Source Code and Assets
    Source Code and Assets
  • Bonus Lecture: How to get more content.
    Bonus Lecture: How to get more content.

Get an Introduction to Game Development & Design Through Building a Classic

Mammoth Interactive

John Bura is one of the 10 highest grossing Udemy instructors, selling over 10-million dollars of courses collectively. John Bura has been programming games since 1997, teaching since 2002, and is the owner of the game development studio Mammoth Interactive. This company produces XBOX 360, iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5, ad-games, and more. Mammoth Interactive even recently sold a game to Nickelodeon! John has been contracted by many different companies to provide game design, audio, programming, level design, and project management. To this day, John has 40 commercial games that he has contributed to. Several of the games he has produced have risen to the top 10 in the Apple's app store.


In this course, you'll learn how to build a 3D game with Unity and Blender. This course is unique because you'll make both the code and the art for the game from scratch. Here, you'll create 'The Legend of Zenda,' a clone of the Nintendo classic.

  • Access 171 lectures & 28.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Design the game & its functionality in Unity
  • Learn how to code in C# & build video game levels
  • Create 3D models for the game in Blender


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels
  • Blender, Photoshop or Gimp, and Unity required


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